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ZIUR is Gipuzkoa’s cybersecurity centre, created with the aim of strengthening the region’s capabilities in advanced manufacturing, and in particular industrial cybersecurity. It promotes development in the technology sector and reinforces the competitiveness and international positioning of industrial companies in Gipuzkoa.

ZIUR helps industrial companies strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities to implement prevention actions, while also promoting greater awareness of cybersecurity risks and threats.
1.Advanced services against cyberattacks.
2.Cybersecurity technologies for companies.
3.Surveillance against threats and risks.



How does ZIUR work?



What has been achieved or what are the aims?

The aims of ZIUR are to become a benchmark in cybersecurity for industrial companies in Gipuzkoa via the prevention approach, and to position itself as an international benchmark in industrial cybersecurity.

Some results obtained to date are:

1.Creation of the ZIUR Specialized Centre in November 2019.
2.Creation of a laboratory to carry out cybersecurity tests on components, systems, processes and different industrial technologies sensitive to exposure to a cyber attack.
3.Organization of conferences, workshops and awareness and training sessions on cybersecurity aimed at companies in Gipuzkoa.
4.Signing of an alliance agreement with different local agents to strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem in Gipuzkoa.
5.Specific advice in the field of cybersecurity disseminated to more than 25 companies in the region.
6.Generation of knowledge, research and experimentation, such as the project developed with LEET Security to design a self-security tool for companies.



More questions

Within the umbrella of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, industrial firms are advancing in the field of digitalisation, but their vulnerability to cyberattacks has also become obvious. Given Gipuzkoa's industrial capacities, it is important to create cybersecure products through well-shielded production processes. Shielding and securing computer equipment are essential for the development and protection of advanced manufacturing. This area is one of the most strategically important for the province if Gipuzkoa is to continue to be a benchmark in the production of different products.
Gipuzkoa has a large number of cutting-edge firms specialising in cybersecurity, leading technology centres, and universities providing major academic coverage in this area. We are therefore in a position to promote a solid project, where knowledge and technology can be placed at the service of industrial competitiveness.
Our Project centres on:
  • Promoting generation and transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • Encouraging and incentivising the implementation of cybersecurity-related practices in business.
  • Offering prevention and intervention tools.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening the cybersecurity industry.
Cybersecurity is a growing industry, given its business activity, its capacity to generate skilled employment and its future prospects. The project provides us with a great opportunity to develop highly-skilled professional careers and to shield information, and thus guarantee the competitive advantages of Gipuzkoa's industry.


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