Today, contemporary societies face global challenges related to aging, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and so on. Gipuzkoa aspires to become a reference region in areas such as cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, population aging, electro-mobility and energy, among others.

The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa considers these challenges must be viewed as opportunities, and has therefore created eleven specialized centres to promote research and development projects in future and strategic sectors for the region. These projects are aligned with the guidelines of the European Commission’s Next Generation recovery plan.

Audiovisual laboratory as a meeting point for the Basque audiovisual sector and promotes work in multidisciplinary groups.
Comprehensive Care Center exponent in advanced care for aging and dependency.

Reference node in social innovation and meeting point for citizens to achieve a more just, cohesive and humane society.
Linguistic innovation laboratory created as a referential experimentation space for the revitalization of Basque.

Proposal for the improvement of employability and the fight against social exclusion.
The aim of the Gantt reference centre is to consolidate Gipuzkoa as a global benchmark in the development of cell, gene and RNA therapies, with an industrial orientation.

Digital gastronomy center as a development pole that integrates the digital age in Gipuzkoan gastronomy.
Project with a long-term vision promoted by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to face the challenge of sustainable mobility.

It is the reference center created by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council to face the challenge of climate change.
Gipuzkoa Quantum aims to place a Quantum Technology Hub in our Territory.

CGipuzkoa center to strengthen the territory's capabilities in advanced manufacturing and industrial cybersecurity.