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Mubil is a project with a long-term vision promoted by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to face the challenge of sustainable mobility.

The aim of MUBIL is to turn Gipuzkoa into a region specialized in electromobility, promoting research into advanced solutions for generating new technology-based business models that comply with a commitment to reducing fossil fuel dependence.
1.Sustainable mobility
2.Advanced solutions
3.A commitment to energy



Mubil has the following four fundamental aims:

  • To award value to the region’s capabilities in this area.
  • To promote mechanisms for knowledge transfer and the generation of new business niches.
  • To turn Gipuzkoa into a Living Lab for electrical mobility and energy storage.
  • To integrate actions within an institutional cooperation network.



How does MUBIL work?

To achieve these four specific aims, MUBIL includes the following three strategic axes:



What has been achieved?

The results obtained to date are:

1.Creation of the Specialized Centre Mubil New Mobility as an energy storage testing laboratory, Business Centre and knowledge generation centre. (February 2021)
2.Inauguration of the biennial Go Mobility fair, November 28 and 29, 2018. Go Mobility was the first industrial fair in southern Europe to address future sustainable mobility aimed at professionals and companies engaged in the field of sustainable mobility and energy storage.
3.Installation of recharging points in the region (Living Lab). Collaboration agreement with Ibil, a technology and recharging and mobility services company, to boost the electric vehicle charging network in the region by applying energy storage solutions.
4.Support for Smart Mobility / Industry 4.0 projects.



More questions

In the future mobility will be different. The vehicles of the future will be inter-connected, self-driving and will contain less pollutant engines, many of them electric. Several Gipuzkoan companies are at present supplying components of different kinds for the automotive industry. The forecast transformation of the industry will not only engender threats to the industry, but also new opportunities. In order to make the most of the transformation, it is essential to start taking steps as soon as possible and achieve a good position.
We want the province to be a reference point for new mobility and electrification. As well as being technically prepared for this goal, through the Living Lab model it must also be a showcase for new research and developments in the industry. We need to be prepared to make the most of the new business that may emerge in relation to this transformation, offering new opportunities for diversification in a range of companies currently manufacturing auto components.
As well as launching cutting-edge infrastructure technologies in the area of power storage and electric drive trains, this initiative also encourages training in the field and entrepreneurship/intra-activity processes to turn the province into a reference point in this field. To achieve this, it will also be necessary to follow the innovations and transformations currently taking place in the industry, in Europe and globally, and to adapt these opportunities to the context of Gipuzkoa.
The goal is to turn Gipuzkoa into a specialist in electric mobility, promoting research and implementation of the advances made and generating new technologically-based business models, while at the same time reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. By taking advantage of the industry-wide transformation, recycling a number of companies currently operating in it and in other industrial areas, we will also be able to create new companies offering quality employment.


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