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BADALAB is a language innovation laboratory that was created as a reference experimentation space for the revitalization of the Basque language and linguistic equality.

The dual aim of BADALAB is to incorporate “innovation and experimentation variables” within the process of revitalizing the Basque language and, at the same time, to include the language variable within the processes of social innovation. BADALAB will strive to identify new opportunities for the Basque language and propose new prototypes to make an impact on them.



1.Linguistic innovation.
2.Social innovation projects.
3.Promotion of Basque.



How does BADALAB work?

BADALAB includes the following four phases:



What has been achieved or what are the aims?

BADALAB aspires to become a centre of international reference in the revitalization of minority languages. BADALAB will strive to obtain three main results through its performance:


1.To generate a renewing and diverse ecosystem that strengthens the use of the Basque language.
2.To develop prototypes and avant-garde social proposals using the Basque language.
3.To create new narratives and experiences in the Basque language, in diverse and digital formats and contexts (leisure, culture, work, etc.).

Although it is still early in the project’s development, the following results can be identified to date:

  • BADALAB was inaugurated in July 2021 in the Torrekua de Errenteria building.
  • In March 2021, BADALAB launched the first call for grants for innovation projects in Basque and using Basque, with an endowment of 132,000 euros.


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The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa / Langune / Elhuyar / Emun / Sociolinguistic Cluster / The Basque government / The Basque Public Television