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Audiovisual laboratory as a meeting point for the Basque audiovisual sector and promotes work in multidisciplinary groups.

2DEO is an audio-visual laboratory that serves as a meeting point for the Basque audio-visual sector to increase audio-visual production and consumption in the Basque language, promoting new contexts for creation, experimenting with new production models and formats and multiplying broadcast channels. All this in collaboration with the agents of the audio-visual sector and citizens.
1.Meeting Point for the Audio-visual Sector
2.Digital platform development
3.New audio-visual formats



How does 2deo work?

2deo includes the following steps:



What has been achieved?

2DEO works with audio-visual projects: analysing their content, characteristics and needs, offering professional support and making technology available to users. It addresses experimentation in all areas related to audio-visual production: the creative process, diffusion, formats, aesthetics and technology.



More questions

One of the fastest-growing areas at present is clearly that of audio-visual content. There is an ever-greater consumption across all types of channel and format. However, the creation of Basque-language content is not developing at the same rate in this as in other fields. It is therefore of priority importance to promote the systematised work of all agents oriented towards audio-visual creativity and innovation in Basque.
To increase production and consumption of Basque audio-visuals, promoting new contexts for creativity, experimenting with production models and new formats, and increasing the number of output channels, all in collaboration with players in the audio-visual industry and the wider public.
2deo is structured in 5 actions:
  • Identifying the possibilities of the audio-visual industry. The most avant-garde trends in the international community and new audio-visual needs beyond the traditional audio-visual industry.
  • Creating a laboratory to promote creativity.
  • Prototyping any potentially successful projects that emerge in our out of the laboratory and their potential interest.
  • Disseminating innovating products on the market.
  • Facilitating relations within the industry to promote work in multidisciplinary groups, between players from inside and outside the sector.
The project offers the province new spaces for creativity; it enriches the ecosystem of the audio-visual industry, thus extending the scope of Basque audio-visual products. At the same time, it creates new co-working spaces for creators, producers and distributors, thus bringing in different agents and new working dynamics which can lead to new models for creation.



Tabakalera Contemporary Culture Centre / The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa / The Basque government / EITB – the Basque Public Television / Companies in the audio-visual sector