What is Etorkizuna Eraikiz?

Etorkizuna Eraikiz is an initiative led by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (PCG) aimed at fostering the collective capacity to understand and address the challenges of our time in a collaborative way.

Through listening and experimentation, different people and organizations have the possibility of working together to improve the local region and contribute to making sustainable public policy decisions.


LAIAN, documentary on collaborative governance developed in Gipuzkoa since 2016



How does Etorkizuna Eraikiz work?

Etorkizuna Eraikiz develops listening, deliberation and experimentation in 2 SPHERES, through 3 cross-cutting lines and 3 processes:






The processes

Etorkizuna Eraikiz incorporates 3 main processes:

  • A management process to ensure success in executing the projects and provide them with the necessary oversight.
  • A socialization process to share the results with Gipuzkoan society (external), PCG staff (internal) and specialized agents (academic), and international public policy and governance networks.
  • A communication process to disseminate the model, activities and results on a large scale using physical and telematic channels of communication (website, blog, social networks, etc).

The cross-cutting lines

Etorkizuna Eraikiz follows three fundamental cross-cutting lines to produce information, knowledge and learning in relation to the specific approaches and solutions to challenges. These cross-cutting lines are:

1.Research. Production of new knowledge.
2.Internationalization. International comparison with other similar experiences.
3.Diffusion. Social dissemination of research and experimentation results with interest groups and the public.


The spheres of Etorkizuna Eraikiz

Gipuzkoa Taldean – listening

Is the space that the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa has created to develop “listening”.

Its main goals are:


1.To identify the challenges and needs of the local region in the short, medium and long term
2.To rank these challenges and needs in terms of priority
3.To propose projects and actions that respond to these challenges and needs.


The space functions as a large-scale observatory in which different people and organizations contribute their knowledge and vision.

Gipuzkoa Taldean incorporates the following mechanisms to develop Active Listening:

Think Tank
Open budgets
Citizenship Projects
Regional Development Laboratories


Gipuzkoa Lab – Experimentation

Is the experimentation and learning laboratory created within the framework of the Collaborative Governance model, Etorkizuna Eraikiz. The Gipuzkoa Lab experimentation unit is the Experimental Project in which consortia comprising different agents (universities, international networks, organizations and companies, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa) work together to make Gipuzkoa a laboratory of advanced experiences that, once evaluated, are incorporated into public policy.

Learn more about the experimental projects of Gipuzkoa LAB.


The results

The aim of Etorkizuna Eraikiz is to produce public policies based on shared solutions proposed by different agents in the local region. A de facto transformation of public policies is thus achieved in terms of their inspiration, preparation and development.