28 November

Building transitions to community: strengthening collective capabilities

We will try to reflect on the major social transitions underway and the challenges they generate in terms of new capabilities, as well as identifying the elements required to (re)build the foundations of social citizenship, specifically, with the need for a shift towards proximity and care from a municipal perspective, social citizenship, care and community action; and the democratic and relational shift required to reformulate governance in democratic, participatory and relational terms.


Official opening


Keynote paper: Building transitions to community: strengthening collective capabilities.

Spiker: Gemma Ubasart


Round table discussion: perspectives for capacity-building.

In the panel discussion we want to take three perspectives:

Values for capacity-building. To make these transitions, we also need to be aware of the influence of the predominant social values in the Basque Country.

Spiker: María Silvestre Cabrera

Locations: the urban planning perspective. Places, to some extent, condition relationships. In order to strengthen collective capacities, it is necessary to plan cities and towns, prioritizing meeting places and spaces for socialization.

Spiker: Martin Ferran Zubillaga

Agents: community action. In the Basque Country, there are collective capacities: experiences of working in the community, with the community and for the community that seek to generate processes of social inclusion and transformation.

Spiker: Andoni Zulaika Arriaga


Conclusions: threads for other narratives.

Spiker: Felix Arrieta Frutos

29 November

Building a transformative innovation agenda: the case of Etorkizuna Eraikiz, the first 7 years

At this International Etorkizuna Eraikiz congress, we wish to reflect and conduct an analysis of the need to build a transformative innovation agenda in response to demographic-social, digital and green transitions. In this regard, Etorkizuna Eraikiz wishes to act as a benchmark to draw up a new social contract in order to boost democracy in the face of authoritarianism and populism.


Official opening.


Collaborative Governance. Presentation of the case of Etorkizuna Eraikiz.

Presentation: Geert Bouckaert
Speaker: Xabier Barandiaran

The case of Etorkizuna Eraikiz: Building Collaborative Governance in Times of Uncertainty. Lessons from Etorkizuna Eraikiz.


Framework paper on the need for a transformative agenda for building a new social contract.

Speaker: Antón Costas


Coffee break.


Panel-dialogue to analyse Etorkizuna Eraikiz's responses to the demographic/social transition from a systemic perspective.

Participants: Maite Peña, Josu Gago eta Koldobike Olabide


Panel led by Esteban Granero to analyse Etorkizuna Eraikiz's responses to the technological-digital transition from a systemic perspective.

Participants: Jabier Larrañaga, Ane Insausti and Román Orús


Dialogue-panel to analyse Etorkizuna Eraikiz's responses to the green transition from a systemic perspective.




Discussion, participation and debate on the Etorkizuna Eraikiz agenda.

Participants: Geert Bouckaert, Xabier Barandiaran and Anton Costas


Framework paper on the importance of social capital for building the future.

Presentation: María José Canel
Speaker: Maureen Taylor

30 November

Involvement of business in the transformation process

Businesses are playing a most important role to move forward in the transformation process which must be carried through to address the digital, green and social/health transitions, and taking the opportunity for socio-economic development afforded by the three transitions.
In this regard, Mondragon Unibertsitatea has homed in on the issue by assisting businesses during the transformation process. This conference will reflect on the challenges posed by the transitions, with a presentation of several experiences alongside Gipuzkoa businesses.


Official opening.


Impacts of the cooperative economic/digital transformation.

Speaker: Trebor Scholz


Digital technology transition Challenges and experiences with companies in Gipuzkoa.

Speaker: Urko Zurutuza


Coffee break.


Sustainable business transition. Challenges and experiences with companies in Gipuzkoa.

Speakers: Jon Aldazabal, Josune Prieto and Unai de Vicente


Social/health transition. Challenges and experiences in the field of healthy eating and active aging.

Speaker: Usune Etxeberria Aranburu


Participation. Challenges and experiences in the development of co-participation and co-responsibility of companies.

Speakers: Oier Imaz and Igor Ortega


Official closing.

30 November

Construction and consensus of a shared vision of Gipuzkoa 2030

We are experiencing a decade of major transformation in areas such as the economy, health and the care sector, and science and technology in a multilingual society, or management of territory amid climate change. The challenge lies in finding a governance model that can be shared by many social agents, integrating and supporting the public policies already implemented.
In this context, this section of the International Etorkizuna Eraikiz Congress will be given over to processes of co-creation involving the general public and the university, inside and outside Gipuzkoa. The timeline has been set as the year 2030, although attention will be paid to what will happen before and after this, in an bid to listen to the voice of those who have not previously been party to collaborative governance dynamics.


Official opening.


Keynote paper: Construction of a shared vision between the university community and local agents: the importance of the intermediary fabric.

Ponente: Carlos Mataix


Coffee break.


Roundtable discussion to explore points of consensus in different areas of this shared vision:

Moderator: Antonio Casado
• Leading researcher in the field of Health, well-being and care
• Leading researcher in the field of Multilingual science and technology
• Leading researcher in the field of Economics, business and innovation
• Leading researcher in the field of Territory, environment and climate change


Final narrative.

Speaker: Txetxu Ausin