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With its own research-action methodology as an iterative process between researchers and professionals to act together in the development of Gipuzkoa.

Regional development laboratories (RDLabs) are action-research projects aimed at the construction of new local public governance structures to promote regional development.


Each RDLab promotes innovation initiatives in topics such as new modes of relationship between the administration and citizens, initiatives that promote territorial governance and its regional deployment via public-private collaboration, communication and public social debate, citizen participation, collaboration in defining policies, participatory modes for conducting strategic projects and new modes of conflict resolution.



1.Spaces for reflection and coordination.
2.Cooperation-based governance.
3.Action-research projects.



How do the Regional Development Laboratories work?

What has been achieved and what is the aim?

The aim with the RDLabs is to create a multilevel governance model in which networks or forums generated in each region constitute nodes for regional structures.



Who participates in the process?

  • The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.
  • Regional Development Agencies.
  • Private sector organizations.
  • Civil society organizations.
  • Universities.
  • Consulting companies.



Some sample projects

Governance in Urola Kosta
GO-COOP. Cooperative governance proposal for Goierri
Governance Structure for Debagoiena
Oarsoaldea Regional Development Laboratory (RDLab)



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