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LABe is a digital gastronomy centre that seeks to generate a developmental pole to integrate the Digital Era within Gipuzkoan gastronomy.

From a professional perspective, LABe functions as a laboratory, an experimental space for the development of projects and technologies, and an accelerator of new business projects aimed at contributing to the active design of the future of the gastronomic value chain and the food service and hotel industries (HORECA). From the perspective of citizens, LABe aims to promote new food processing systems and intelligent product management.
1.Digital Gastronomy Lab
2.Intelligent product management
3.Living Lab restaurant 4.0



How does LABe work?

LABe is based on the following 5 axes:



What has been achieved or what are the aims?

He aim of LABe is for Gipuzkoa to continue to be one of the world benchmarks for gastronomy in the 21st century with regard to quality, healthy eating and sustainability, and to take advantage of new technologies to provide solutions and create new business models.

Some results obtained to date are:

1.Creation of the Digital Gastronomy Laboratory
2.Creation of the Start-up Accelerator business model
3.Creation of the Living Lab restaurant 4.0 business model
4.Creation of the R&D+i centre business model
5.Studies such as the analysis of the Gipuzkoan gastronomy ecosystem (2017).



More questions

Gipuzkoa is a world reference point in cuisine. The sector stands out for its competitiveness and innovation, through its constant search for new formulas and flavours. The Gastronomy 4.0 project seeks to encourage the use of new technologies in the area of professional and domestic catering.
From a professional perspective we propose to develop a digital cuisine business accelerator and to experiment and test out the idea of the Restaurant 4.0. From a citizen perspective we want to promote new systems for preparing food and smart management of products and stock.
By creating an experimentation and testing space based on research, catering and the components industry to apply the new knowledge in this sector.
It will create a network of mutual collaboration linking cuisine and technology to citizen service, as well as ensuring the generational shift in the industry and strengthening Gipuzkoa's international leadership.


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Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia - The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa / Donostiako Udala - San Sebastián City Council / Eusko Jaurlaritza - the Basque Government / The Basque Culinary Center / ACEDE Cluster / Gipuzkoa Hospitality