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Open Budgets

Let's build together the future of Gipuzkoa.

This is an initiative promoted by the Citizen Participation Directorate, which pertains to the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (PCG), to openly and directly dialogue with citizens, thus allowing them to express their concerns, wishes and suggestions in each annual PCG budget. The PCG presented its first Open Budgets initiative in 2018.
1.Open and direct dialogue
2.Listening to people’s preferences
3.Comparing options, taking decisions



How do Open Budgets work?

Open Budgets are annual initiatives that incorporate improvements to the budget process based on citizen experiences and opinions received by the PCG. There have been five common phases in the four editions of Open Budgets implemented to date.

What do we want to achieve or what has been achieved?

A total of more than 11,600 people have participated in the four editions of the Open Budgets initiative promoted by the PCG, with around 22,100 proposals being made on priority areas for the local region. The PCG has listened to the preferences of the Gipuzkoan citizens and allocated more than 3.5 million euros to promoting the projects citizens have proposed over these four years.



Who participates in the process?

  • The PCG’s Directorate of Citizen Participation.
  • Other PCG Departments and Directorates.
  • The Provincial Council’s Citizen Participation Committee.
  • The Social Council for Citizen Participation.
  • Gipuzkoan citizens over 16 years of age.



Some Open Budgets projects

Support for research on severe illnesses

Budget: 2020

Votes: 9417

Sphere: Economic promotion

Commitment to the climate

Budget: 2020

Votes: 8372

Sphere: Environment

Preventing mysogynist violence among young people

Budget: 2020

Votes: 7618

Sphere: Gender

Izango zara 2020: Grant Programme for young people

Budget: 2020

Votes: 6529

Sphere: Youth

Care centre for people at risk of social exclusion

Budget: 2020

Votes: 6520

Sphere: Social

Promoting the consumption of local products

Budget: 2020

Votes: 6493

Sphere: Employment and economic activation


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