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ADINBERRI is a comprehensive care centre that aims to be a reference point in advanced care for aging and dependency.

ADINBERRI it functions as an open and collaborative Technological and Applied Research Pole, capable of linking healthcare and health activity, knowledge management and technological and industrial development in the area of ​​aging, health and well-being.



1.An inclusive society for older people.
2.Advanced home health and support services.
3.Relationships of closeness, friendship and companionship.



How does ADINBERRI work?

ADINBERRI revolves around the following 3 axes:



What has been achieved or what are the aims?

The aim of ADINBERRI is to maximize Gipuzkoa’s innovation potential in the service of healthy aging, the excellence of the healthcare and social care system and the competitiveness of industry in this sphere.


Some of the results obtained to date include:


1.The creation of the Adinberri Specialized Centre in Pasaia.
2.The generation of knowledge, research and experimentation (piloting, clinical trials, etc.).
3.The launch of the call for Adinberri grants.
4.The promotion of 40 R&D+i projects addressing the six challenges.
5.Participation in three European projects and in networks such as EIT HEALTH, Aquitaine and the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in Health promoted by the Basque Country.
6.More than 200 agents from the social health-care ecosystem actively collaborating in Adinberri.
7.The creation of a Living lab for experimentation and innovation purposes.
8.Awareness-raising programmes in the field of new technologies for social care sector professionals.
9.The 1st “AdinBerri Congress” (November 2018).
10.Preparation of the Strategic Innovation Agenda.



More questions

Population aging is one of the most urgent challenges currently facing Gipuzkoa. Our project seeks to use this challenge as an opportunity and to provide a present and future response that will extend a model of comprehensive and innovating care for elderly people, with the ultimate aim of improving their quality of life and lengthening their disability-free life expectancy.
The AdinBerri project aspires to instil healthy living habits among older people in order to take precautions and extend their independence. It also strives to provide any support they may need to enable them to retain control of their everyday lives and to continue living a meaningful life in accordance with their own values and preferences within the framework of an inclusive and cohesive society for all generations. Adinberri also seeks to develop and promote an economy around aging which will cater to seniors.


ADINBERRI has identified six main challenges:

  • Illness prevention and health promotion.
  • Comprehensive care at home.
  • The residential care model.
  • The Silver Economy: business models.
  • Valuable aging. Life Proyect.
  • Cohesive society.
Through implementation of a healthy ageing strategy for the province that will encourage new comprehensive care models by promoting innovative products and services. These will be developed in cooperation with the ecosystem and will be tested at the Pasaia Aging Reference Centre in Pasaia. It constitutes a strong investment in experimentation and innovation as applied to prevention, care and health promotion among elderly people.
The Euskadi 2030 STIP (Science, Technology and Innovation Plan), identifies healthy ageing as one of three Crosscutting Business-Driving Initiatives. In keeping with this approach, AdinBerri is a unique opportunity to contribute to Gipuzkoa's specialisation in the field of technological, social and institutional innovation, creating bonds between industry, universities, social initiative and the public administration, within a framework of collaborative work. The aims are as follows:
  • To raise awareness of healthy ageing among the general population.
  • To research, experiment and innovate in the medical/social field.
  • To foster training and identification of new professionals.
  • To promote an aging-associated economy by promoting entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (Silver Economy).


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The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa / Agents from the social health-care system, Osakidetza / Entities from the public and private social welfare services / Third sector agents and associations / R&D+i agents / Universities and educational agents or institutions / Caregivers and professionals / User associations / Patients and their families